World Book Day Round Up

World Book Day 1st March 2012

A busy day, but FAB!



In the lead up to WBD we asked for mini book reviews and created posters from these. They were then stuck up in strange places aroung the Academy on the day.

I had arranged for an Author Visit by Malcolm Rose, who spent the morning delivering two sessions with our Year 8 students, he was fantastic and with his scientific background is a perfect fit for our Science and Maths specialisms.

He explained where he gets his ideas from, demonstrating that the explosion at the start of “Jordan Stryker” is based upon the SS Richard Montgomery which is a sunken ship laden with unexploded bombs from the Second World War just off the cost of Kent. Nobody dares to move it – so it just sits there, but in theory it could explode – and this is what Malcolm makes happen in the first Jordan Stryker book.




He went onto demonstrate a bionic hand (worth £10,000) and shook hands with a few lucky students before explaining where he got his ideas for Jordan Strykers other scientific / bionic abilities.

He had them gripped – in the palm of his hand (or the palm of his bionic hand!)



Lunch was a special World Book Day Menu which is an excellent way of raising the profile across the student population.


We’re still waiting for our WBD vouchers – but have oodles of the £1 books to swap -once they arrive and are shared out to students.

Year 7 & 8 Information Literacy Programme

Year 7’s and Year 8’s have all had by now their first IL (Information Literacy) Session.

Year 7’s have an introduction to the MRC – looking at how to borrow, return resources etc.


They were then told to “get lost” in the library, and had a great opportunity to browse and start to learn their way around the MRC – most of them managed to find the shelves with their favourite topic on, and all had an opportunity to borrow their first book.MRC Image

Year 8’s have had a refresher on choosing keywords when planning their research, practising on picking alternative, narrower and wider keywords, they too had an opportunity to borrow or return resources.

keyword umbrella

Here is a link to the MRC Planner Pages.