Carnegie Long List the Challenge to read them all!

I told you I was on a roll! Here is my next review this time it is

The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce.


This book is a nice easy read, and since it is set in Year 6 will appeal to Primary age readers. The story is presented as if it was typed into a notebook with snapshots stuck in. The story is basically about two new students from Mongolia, they are a little bit different and adopt the main character is adopted as their “Good Guide”. They seem to be really superstitious and think they are being hunted by demons, and it is this story which leads to the emotional twist at the end. It is billed as “laugh out loud funny” but I’d have to disagree. I found the authors afterword to be thought provoking and I’d hope that students will go onto read this, as this provides the worthy inspiration for the story.
A simple read with a subtle political message.