Carnegie Long List – continuing the challenge to read them all….

I’m setting myself the challenge to read all of the books on the long list before the winner is announced. 52 titles in 6 months. That’s 2 a week….. I’d better get reading!

Since my last post I have read….

“You Against Me” by Jenny Downham

Is this a ‘love’ story or not? Thrown together by the actions of their siblings, Mikey and Ellie lives are reeling from the two different accounts of ‘that night’, when they meet due to Mikeys’ intentions of revenge. Their subsequent relationship is  fairly predictable and the outcome is satisfying even when the book ends so abruptly. The only thing that kept me going was “What does Ellie know?” and does she have the guts (and parental support) to tell.

“Small Change for Stuart” by Lissa Evans

A book for younger readers. This story is very easy to read, where strange, magical things keep happening to Stuart when he returns to his ancestors town and he dicovers his inheritance in the form of a mystery and some old coins (small change). The story ends well with everyone getting what they diserved, but some of the characters were two dimentional (the ‘girl’ next door for example) and the plot suffers from lack of depth in places.

Search for Wondla” by Tony Diterlizzi

And now for something completly different. Eva Nine is desperate to go beyond the confines of her underground home, and her robotic carer Muthr is slowly preparing her when her homw is invaded and she is thrown into an adventure in a world that bears little resemblance to the world in her training. Where is she? Is she alone? I had several theories as I read the book and not all questions were resolved – yes its another part one of a series,- but this time I do want to know what happens next!



 Books I’ve read so far….