Carnegie Long List – continuing the challenge to read them all….

I’m setting myself the challenge to read all of the books on the long list before the winner is announced. 52 titles in 6 months. That’s 2 a week….. I’d better get reading!

Since my last post I have read….

Bracelet of Bones” by Kevin Crossley-Holland

This seems like a re-run of “Gattys’ Tale” where a girl goes on a journey. This time it is set in Viking Times. There are a few incidents on the way – but very little character development of Solveig, the central character – a daughter travelling to join her father.



“Put Out the Light” by Terry Deary

War stories are probably my least favourite genre, so I struggled with this book for that reason. It is based around the night air raids, when two children ( brother & sister) discover that there is a thief who steals  whilst everyone runs to the shelters. Can they solve the mystery without having a bomb land on their head? (Yes). Does the culprit come as a surprise? (No). At the same time two German boys have a scheme of their own and end up rescuing a polish girl. Overall a fairly simple read with some nice references to Shakespeare.

“My name is Mina” by David Almond

I wasn’t a big fan of “Skellig” so when I realised that this was a prequel I was a little apprehensive. However this book is much better than “Skellig”! Based around the life of Mina, a girl who is seen as a strange misfit and is excluded from school, she records her thoughts and her slightly excentric home schooling in her journal. The topics that are covered are at times bizarre at others times thought provoking. A really good read.



 Books I’ve read so far….