DEAR: 7 Steps to Success CPD workshop

As part of the TDAc CPD staff training programme I offered a follow-up workshop to the initial 7 Steps to Success training session delivered at the start of term.

I worked with a member from both the Technology and Humanities colleges to put together the hour session.

We planned to recap each of the 7 Steps, then discuss how teachers had implemented these ideas, sharing good ideas with the group. We finished off with a closer look at how to use PhotoStory to make a review or book trailer and make these things more interactive, thereby engaging more students.

In reality turn out was lower than expected and we tailored the session to meet the individual needs of those there. This meant we spent longer on introducing the 7 steps rather than how these had been used within colleges.

Not exactly what we had planned but one attendee said…

“I would like to say how much I enjoyed your session yesterday; apart from two separate half-sessions, this is the only one that I have attended whereby I felt connected to the subject matter.   Thank you.”

So overall it was a success – and we will be repeating the session again in April.