Welcome Back Everyone!

Oh it’s good to be back!


Hope you all had a good break over the Summer holidays and managed to squeeze in some holiday reading!

If you borrowed books from the MRC these will now need to be handed back in or horrible things will be happening, and this can easily be avoided.

If you still haven’t finished you can renew the book and keep it for another 4 weeks – you can visit Oliver and do this yourself OR pop into the MRC and we’ll sort that out for you.


Here is a reminder about all things to do with the MRC.

Click to view the online guide to the MRC.

Guide to Renewing Your Overdue Books Online

If you have recently received one of the new Overdue email reminders you might have noticed the weblink which takes you to your own account where you can renew your overdues yourself.

You can do this just once and then if you need the book longer you will need to visit the MRC to arrange this.

Watch this video to see what happens when you click on the weblink, and how to renew your books.