A-Z of Internet Tools and Techniques: Letter N

So here we are with Letter N of the tools and techniques which you can use to get the most out of the Internet.

N stands for….


Using online resources safely, ethically and responsibly



This word was created by joining net and etiquette together. Etiquette is the rules for proper social behavior, while net refers to the internet.  Netiquette is the proper behavior a person should use when communicating online in the form of emails, blogs, chat rooms, and etc. 

Firstly it’s easy to forget that the other person you are chatting to on IM, playing a game with, or posting to their profile is a real person. It’s easier to say and do things online that you might not do in ‘real life’.

bad email etiquette E mail Etiquette and NetiquetteTen tips for email

1: Always include your name

2: Don’t write text in CAPITAL LETTERS, as it looks like you are SHOUTING!

3. Use proper spelling, grammar and capital letters – leave text messaging for your phone

4. Avoid Flaming. If something upsets you – wait a day before replying – and do so calmly and politely

5. Remember emails are not private forms of communication, so be careful what you write

6. Use humour carefully, use emoticoms, 😉 to show that you are joking. 90% of communication happens through body language and the sound (intonation) of your voice – both these are missing from emails.

7. Take time to proofread and correct errors – look out for wrong words that spell checkers may miss.

8. Be careful what you write. If you can’t say it to your great-grandmother then think of another way of saying it.

9. Be kind and polite to others online – they have feelings too!

10. Remember to tell your teacher/parent if you receive any inappropriate communications, or fell harassed.


Here’s a great guide to 29 Steps to Internet Safety

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