Bookmarking Next Academic Year

It’s normal for this time of year to be forward planning for next academic year.


With Literacy and the Reading for Pleasure agenda – finally coming into focus in schools I was asked to create booklists for year 7 & 8.

Booklists? I thought. Aren’t they a bit ‘dry’ and, well boring?



So instead I have started to create a series of Genre Bookmarks – something I have done before at a previous school, but the book world moves on and so I have started from scratch to include some modern titles alongside the classics.



Genres covered so far:-


Adventure; Animals; Crime; Dystopia; Families; Fantasy; Friends; Funny; Ghost; Historical; Horror; Myths; Other lands; Romance; Sad; School; Sci-fi; Sport; and War/Conflict.




I have a few more ideas for other bookmarks – but if you have an idea or want a bookmark creating on your favourite type of stories – then please do let me know!


Who Next?

Already enjoy stories by one writer and want to find other similar authors that you will enjoy reading.

Then Who Next…? is for you! and available to use in the MRC.who next?

Who Next…? is arranged in age groups: including 12–14 and, new for this edition, 14+ years, and also features:

  • Book lists by genre and theme
  • Key book titles and series of titles for each author
  • Graphic novels and titles for dyslexic or struggling readers
  • List of authors included who also write short stories
  • Authors whose titles are sometimes available as Talking books and, new for this edition, ebooks
  • A list of prize-winning children’s books
  • Books and websites for further exploration

The latest edition is the 4th in the series and lists 759 writers of children’s fiction, and with each name suggests other authors who write in a similar way. The idea is that you look up one of your favourite children’s authors, then try reading a book by one of the other authors suggested underneath. By moving from one entry to another you can expand the number of writers you enjoy.