Year 13 Extended Project

Extended LearningI recently worked with a group of Year 13 students who were in the early stages of planning their Extended Learning Projects. It still amazes, and disappoints me, how many students in KS5 cannot remember or don’t know about our Oliver Database and all the online databases we subscribe to for them.

So this was a refresher -giving them a demonstration of how to search

Screenshot of the Oliver Homepage

Screenshot of the Oliver Homepage

Oliver, and how to get to and use Britannica Encyclopedia, NewsBank, and InfoTrac. I just covered the basics as the best way to learn how to use these database is to get in there and use them!

I gave them a mini ‘tour’ of the MRC focussing on our extensive periodical section, and then invited them to come back in the future for any further help. They seemed to go off happier and keen to start using the things I had shown them…. fingers crossed!