Welcome back!

I hope you all had a restful, if slightly damp, Easter Break.

How many of you have still got some chocolate left? I’ve only a little as I like to munch whist I’m reading and I did a fair bit of reading over the break, (more about that later!)

So on the horizon for the Summer semesters are…..

The Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and of course the London Olympics, here in the Academy we have the Carnegie Shadowing group; the Literary Festival with an author visit; and a possible Year 6 /7 workshop day – watch this space!

Year 6 Induction Days – Humanities Induction Activity

To introduce our Year 6 students to some of the basic research skills (Information Literacy) needed when using books we have teamed up with Humanities to help deliver a Yr 6 Induction Activity that we have successfully run together for the past few years.

Basically we provide several resource boxes that contain the relevant books which would give the answers to a list of questions.

The questions are all based upon a named Continent and include a Geographical, Historical and Religious based question.

MRC Staff work alongside the teacher in the classroom with the students to help them to select Keywords;  use Contents Page; Indexes and make notes.

A really nice, simple but effective session for Year 6’s.

Year 6 Induction Days -Summer Reading Scheme

As part of the Year 6 induction days here today and tomorrow at TDA the MRC is involved in several events.

The MRC has teamed up with Peterborough City Libraries to take advantage of the National Summer Reading Scheme.

During the i-connect session Year 6 students will attend a rolling programme to introduce them to the Summer Reading Challenge which will help to stop the Summer Holidays Reading dip; raise self-esteem and increase confidence and enjoyment in reading.

The challenge is to read 6 library books and there are lots of rewards and incentives to keep going. Plus a huge celebration for those who successfully read 6 books. We will be following our students and providing further recognition in the Autumn Term.

Later during the induction day there will be a separate session for parents to encourage maximum participation, to allow for a positive start in September for their child.