Carnegie Long List Challenge

I thought that as I was about half way through my self-imposed Carnegie Longlist Challenge I stop and reflect on my experiences so far.


So back when the Carnegie Long List was announced (4th November 2011) I set myself the challenge to read them all before the overall winner is annouced  (14th June) or ideally before the shortlist is announced (27th March). This involves reading roughly 2 books a week.


So 12 weeks in, 29 books read, 23 books to go, 5 weeks to shortlist time, and 12 weeks to final result is announced… I feel like I am on target.


But…. but I have a confession to make. This weekend I lapsed.

I read a book that WASN’T on the long list.



it was great!

The joy of choosing a book that I wanted to read instead of one I ‘had’ to read… the sense of freedom was amazing!

By the way it was a Non-Fict

ion book about Enid Blyton, someone who was perhaps overlooked in the Carnegie Awards in the past – a bit like the Harry Potter never being recognised in the oscars/baftas! My love of Enid, and the impact of her books on my life… well that’s for another blog!


Back to Carnegie longlist – well I’ve really enjoyed reading the books that I couldn’t put down, the ones that I HAD to read in one sitting (Patrick Ness’  “A Monster Calls“, Anne Fines’ “The Devil Walks“, Suzanne LaFleurs’ “Eight Keys” (surely they will be on the shortlist?). At the same time I’ve hated a few – the ones that have slowed me down because I couldn’t get into them, that were a drag to read and took over a week of painful slogging to read through them. (Lindsey Barracloughs’ “Long Lankin“, Frances Hardinges’ “Twilight Robbery” and John Stephens’ “The Emerald Atlas“.


(How dare they take up so much of my reading time and offer so little reading thrill in return!)


What usually happens with the shortlist is that the one I like the least wins…… so I will watch and wait.


So I’ve got straight back on my wagon and have started my next Carnegie Longlist book – this time Kevin Crossley Hollands’ “Bracelet of Bones”. I just hope that over the next 12 weeks and 23 books I have more page turners and fewer tales dull as ditchwater!


I’ll keep you posted, and of course feel free to disagree with me!


Happy Reading!

Pottermore – the Secret Revealed

Pottermore secret revealed 

Harry Potter Series

Coming soon as ebooks!

We’ve been scratching our heads, trying to figure out just what Pottermore is…and now we know!

Pottermore is an interactive new web site and reading experience with more than 18,000 new words from author J.K. Rowling.

The site will be the exclusive place to purchase the digital audio books and eBooks of the Harry Potter series.

You can submit your email address and will be contacted by the site once registration starts on July 31st.

When the site fully opens in October, you’ll get to follow the story, get sorted into a house and get a wand (one of 33,000 possible combinations) which were all crafted by Ms. Rowling.

Bonus feature! If you’re not sorted into Gryffindor, you actually get even more exclusive content about your house!