Able Writers Day – Mark Robson

As part of our Book Fortnight, Author and former RAF pilot Mark Robson will be spending the day with 30 lucky students from Year 7 & 8.


They will spend the spend the whole day with Mark for his writers workshop and we hope to collate their writings into a book of some kind.

Gifted & Talented Able Writers Day with Author Nicola Davies

Yesterday we hosted an Able Writers Day for out GT (Gifted and Talented) students mainly in year 8.

Author Nicola Davies spent the day working with these lucky students on their writing techniques, and as a writer of both fiction and non-fiction she was well placed to advise them about writing fiction about a real life event.




The students came up with some cracking ideas and had the time to start mapping out and writing the first few paragraphs (and in some cases pages) of their story.


It was a great day!