World Book Day -they think it’s all over

and they would be right!

Great Day yesterday?

If you didn’t get the chance to swap you WBD voucher yesterday – don’t worry we still have some of the special WBD books left – so pop into the MRC today or early next week.

So did you manage to identify all four book characters at our “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” competition – here are the answers…..

WBD Guess (4)  Alice in Wonderland – not Dynamo the magician

WBD Guess (2)

  Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

WBD Guess (1)

 Winnie the Pooh

WBD Guess (3)

Bella Swan from Twilight

Remember the QR code puzzles are still available for you to enter!

World Book Day

Today has been World Book Day – just in case you have missed it!

The MRC has been as busy as usual but with excitement in the air!



The first student arrived at 7.50 am to use their WBD voucher and swap it for one of the WBD books, it seems that less people are trying to use their ‘friends’ vouchers which is good as they are using them for themselves, and although some of the older students were disappointed with the young choice of titles I have chatted to a few P16 students about using the voucher to get £1 off a book in town.




So what else have we been doing?


Well I tried something new (new to us) with a Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner display/competition – and this has proved to be both popular and head-scratching. I’ll reveal the answers soon!IMG_1136

appWhat has also ‘gone down well’ is the Books Alive App – I’ve demonstrated this free app using my iPad to a chorus of “wows” and “that’s sick” and students were keen to download the App to their own devices.

Sticking with the technology theme I also set 6 WBD puzzles using QR codes and morphed images of the authors of some of the £1 books.

Finally I circulated a book related quiz (on Powerpoint) to all tutors for tomorrow’s DEAR session – but I’ve seen it on some whiteboards already.

wbdThe day is almost over, phew!

Roll on next year!

PD Sessions (Personal Development)

Over the past few weeks Tutors have been delivering some PD (Personal Development) sessions that I created about Reading (DEAR) and Independent Learning (Information Literacy).

As part of the first Reading session students were asked to create an A4 landscape poster about the MRC, e.g. how to use it and what you can find there.They could then vote for their favourite.

I have received lots of wonderful examples that I have shared via the Academy screens, but here are some of the ones I liked best!

mrc poster winners (1) mrc poster winners (2) mrc poster winners (3) mrc poster winners (4) mrc poster winners (5) mrc poster winners (6) mrc poster winners (7) mrc poster winners (8) mrc poster winners (9)



Congratulations to both Sadif and Sema who both won the lucky dip prize as part of the Reading Survey and IL Year 7 Survey last term. They both win a signed book – one by Malcolm Rose and one by Terry Caffrey.

Creative Writer of the Year 2012

Last term students in Year 8, 9 and 10 were asked to submit a short story to become our first Creative Writer of the Year.

We had 15 entires from Year 8, 11 from Year 9 and 7 from Year 11.

The criteria we judges had to use was….

Does the story have originality and flair?

Does the story have relevant and well-judged level of depth and detail?

Has language been crafted deliberately to create effect?

Is the plot coherent and logical?

Are the characters realistic and three-dimensional?

Are descriptions sensitive and subtle.

I really enjoyed being one of the judges for the year 8 category. and although there were a few of the typical vampire/witches stories, and ones I’m sure I’ve read or seen before – so these scored low on originality.

However there were some gems and at the final event I read an extract from the Year 8 winner.


Alongside all this judging the opening paragraphs were read to Tutor groups who then went on to illustrate this text – with a prize for the best illustration. There was also a ‘People’s Choice’  where the opening paragraph of each story was displayed and students, staff and visitors were able to vote for their favourite.



The final event was well attended by families and the occasion was extremely enjoyable and inspiring for both students, parent/carers and staff. With local Poet Toby Wood presenting the awards.




Congratulations to all the winners and I’m looking forward to next years event now!

National Love Libraries Day

So we’ve been trying to raise the profile of National Love Libraries Day which is tomorrow (4th February 2012).

All week we have been showing on all our Academy Screens the incredible library book dominoes video from Irelands Library week.



I’ve also included some posters obtained from all sorts of places.


All this week we have been giving out free raffle tickets to eveyone who borrows a book from the MRC. The prize is a book signed by G.P.Taylor who visited us last year.

We have also been handing out joining forms for our local public libraries.

Short Story Competition

As part of DEAR and to celebrate National Short Stories week you can take part in the National Short Story competition (open to all year 7 & 8 students).



Stories need to use the title “The Choice” and have between 900 and 1000 words.

Entries need to be written in Word and emailed to me,, by the end of term, when the best entries will be sent off ready for the early January closing date.

Tips for students