Summer Reading: Avoid the Summer Dip

It is well documented that over the long Summer Holidays the reading ages of students can and does drop.


This puts you at the disadvantage of having to play catch-up when you come back next academic year.



To stay ahead of the game, and keep your reading levels the same – or even increasing all you need to do is keep reading.



One book a week, of your choice, is a great challenge to set yourself. Borrow a few from the MRC, read some of your favourite books from home; pop into your local library and experiment with new authors.


What ever you do happy holidays and keep reading!



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Book of the Week


 Click HERE to find out if this book is still available from the MRC.


Year 7 Information Literacy Programme: End of Year Challenge

End of Year Challenge


As an end of Academic year activity I challenge each of my Year 7 students to answer 20 questions – some easier than others.


So they have to pick out keywords; decide where to look; find the subject index; or use Oliver; remember where the encylopedias are; and then remember how to use some or all of these methods of finding information.


Some questions are easier than others; some students remember more than others but they all have ago and it is great to see the change in their confidence from when they first started at the start of the Academic year.




Interform Winners 2010-2011

Interform Winners 2011 -2012 are C CMay and this week they claimed their prize – by spending £200. on new books.


They were a little shy to begin with but soon wanted to choose whole sets of books for the MRC.


Included in their selection :- Beast Quest; Sherlock; and Michael Grant books along with plenty of others.


Well done everyone!


Drop in on DEAR 5.4

The current focus of the Authors Page on the DEAR Homepage is…

Patrick Ness and his award winning book: A Monster Calls


 Available to borrow from the MRC – Click HERE to check

Book of the Week


 Click HERE to find out if this book is still available from the MRC.


Year 6 induction days

Our brand new and shining Year 6’s have been with us here at the Academy yesterday and today.

Arhhh – bless them!

Apart from getting lost in such a large school they have been asessed and have taken part in some example lessons.

For instance in Geography the MRC has been working with year 6 students to find out about countries around the world and have been looking at some basic Information Literacy skills such as using contents, index and scanning for information.

I set them all a challenge to read 6 books over the long summer holidays and promoted the Public Libraries Reading Scheme.

Here are the slides….

Later in the day I give a short presentation to parents at their ‘induction’ – again emphasising the importance to keep reading over the summer, and and few tips on how to support their child to enjoy reading .

Summer Reading








Dear Students,



Whilst you are sunning yourselves on the beach, or huddled together under a dripping umbrella, over the long, long summer holidays, please keep you bright minds in tip-top condition by doing a bit of reading.








Don’t be beaten by that summer time monster – the “Summer Dip”, instead borrow some books from the MRC to keep you going, entertained and enthralled over the long summer break.









As long as you have no overdue books you’ll be able to borrow over the break  – go on find something good to read.

Just ask if you want some recommendations!

Ms. M!