Comenius Fairy Tale Project – continued

In this weeks workshop the students started to map out our modern version of Jack and the Beanstalk.








They had great fun pretending to be armchairs, plasma 3D TV’s and even an apple tree!


By the end of the session we had managed to run through the whole performance.


Next week we firm up parts and tighten up the performance.


Looking good!






Jack and the Beanstalk: Modern version from ideas from Y7 Comenius group.

Jack and his mother live in a small ground floor flat which they rent from their landlord who lives in the penthouse at the top of the building.  They are struggling to find money to pay the rent and so Jack’s mother tells him to sell his comics, his computer and his old Nokia. He goes to Peterborough market and is given an old MP3 in exchange. His mother is furious with Jack and throws the MP3 out of the window into the vegetable patch.


The next morning Jack wakes and hears a stream of music outside. He decides to see where it is coming from and goes into the lift. This is a talking lift and it announces his arrival on the top floor where the landlord, the market trader, lives with his wife. She meets him and takes him to the kitchen where he sees a huge turkey being prepared for the evening meal. He walks around the penthouse and in one room he notices some of his comics, his Slimline PS and his computer games. He realises he has been swindled by the market trader, who has just come home and yells at his wife.  Jack  helps himself to a Rolex watch,  an IPad and the large turkey in the kitchen  so he and his mother can something else besides baked beans on toast.


The talking lift shouts to the market trader that Jack is leaving with stolen goods. Jack smashes the lift controls when he is on the ground floor to silence the lift and hears a terrible scream and bang! The market trader, in his haste to pursue Jack, had fallen down the lift shaft and died.


The residents call the police who arrest Jack. He is taken to court and gets an ASBO for burglary.  The market trader’s wife said the man tripped and fell down the lift shaft so Jack was never blamed for his death.


Jack took over the market stall and is now a very rich man.


The latest Comenius Project -funded by the Education and Culture DG Lifelong Learning Programme is based upon Fairy Tales – and as soon as I heard that I knew that the MRC should be involved.


It is a two year project working with some of our students (11-18) from Thomas Deacon Academy and other schools across Europe,- Lincolnshire UK; Germany; and Slovakia.



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