Year 11 Study Leave…

As per item 4. in the document circulated to you….

You CAN revise in the MRC when you are in school – providing you have signed in with your home college first.


So IF you turn up in the morning when you have an afternoon exam you’ll be asked to go back to your college as you are not expected to attend lessons in the morning and you should only come into school for 1.30 when you exam begins.


So IF you turn up in a big noisy group – you’ll be asked to return to your colleges.


So sign in with your college first – show this to MRC Staff when you come in and revise quietly.


IF you start causing any disruption (loud chatting etc) then you’ll be asked to return to your college.


To help you with you revison the MRC has lots of revision books and during this time they can be foundon the revision display -please ask if you can’t find what you want or need!





  1. There is no official start to study leave for Year 11 students.  This decision has been made due to the long period of time over which the GCSE exams are spread this year.  Students will remain in lessons until they sit the final exam for the particular subject e.g. the final English exam is on 29th May 2012 and therefore students are in their English lessons until this date.
  2. A calendar spreadsheet containing all this information will be made available to students and parents / carers.  This can be filtered so students can personalise their own timetable.
  3. If a student has completed their work for a particular subject they must attend lessons until that subject has completed their final exam.  All students are being provided with revision tools to support all subjects and this work can be taken to these lessons to complete.  In the majority of lessons staff will be delivering structured revision lessons to support students in their preparation for final GCSE exams.
  4. When a subject has been completed and the final exam or coursework completed the subject will be removed from the student’s timetable.  At this stage students are no longer required to be in school for these lessons.  If students wish to be in school to revise they must sign in with their home college and remain there or go to the MRC.
  5. If a student wishes to leave school during the core day (08.45 – 14.45) they must sign out at their home college and gain a signing out card to present to reception within 10 minutes of the start of any lesson.
  6. Where students have an afternoon GCSE exam they will not be expected to attend lessons in the morning.  Students only have to come into school for the start of their GCSE exam at 1.30pm. 
  7. Students will be given the option to “opt out” of their core PE lessons at their assembly on Friday, 11th May 2012.  The school recognises the importance of relaxation time for students during their exams but want to give students the option to attend or not.  As of Monday, 14th May 2012 Core PE lessons will operate for those who have not opted out.
  8. The last core examination for students is Module Three Maths on Tuesday, 19th June 2012.  The final GCSE exam is Textiles on Thursday, 21st June 2012.  As of Friday, 22nd  June 2012 Year 11 students are not expected to be in school.
  9. Students should be in full school uniform at all times whilst in the building.  Students must also have their ID card to be able to access the Exam Hall.  ID cards can be purchased from the Finance Office for £3 in advance of the exams.
  10. Student absence from exams cannot be rectified.  If a student is ill medical evidence must be provided to the Exams Office immediately and a phone call to the Exams Office should be made by parent(s) / carer first thing in the morning.

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