Year 7 Information Literacy Programme: Skimming and Scanning

A closer look at Skimming and Scanning.


 Since Skimming and Scanning are often muddled up by students this session concentrates of these two reading techniques, by giving them practical activities to do.


Skimming – a fast reading technique to get a quick idea what a book; website; chapter or page is about. (General Impression).

I give the students two skimming activities by asking them to skim read by looking for clues (headings, titles, or pictures), then I put a page on the screen for 5 seconds and ask them what the whole page was about.




Scanning – another quick reading technique – this time looking for an answer to a question. Tip – make sure you understand the question. Is is a Who, What, Where, When or Where question as this affects the answer you are looking for. (Number, Place name etc).


I have 15 questions about a job advert and give one question to each pair of students. Then make sure they understand their question before putting the job advert on screen for 30 -60 seconds (depending upon the ability of the group). Students need to scan the advert for their answer.


Having done both types of these fast reading techniques the students gain a better understanding of the differences and why they might read in these ways.





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