Carnegie Long List – continuing the challenge to read them all….

I’m setting myself the challenge to read all of the books on the long list before the winner is announced. 52 titles in 6 months. That’s 2 a week….. I’d better get reading!

Since my last post I have read….

Run Rabbit Run byBarbara Mitchelhill

Another “War” story – again not my favourite Genre but this story is a little bit different. It is set around the family of a concientious objector (someone who refused to fight in the war) and how they ran away to stay together. It is an easy book to read, however it lacks a bit of detail and you don’t get the sense of time as they seem to spend only a short time at each of their hiding places. So it’s a bit jumpy – jumping from one hiding place to another.


Killing Honour by Bali Rai

Another fine example from Bali Rai. Written in his usual gritty style it doesn’t pull many punches. I can’t say I *liked* the story but it is well written. The story frustrates me and angers me because I know it is based in truth and the fact that in some cultures it is deemed *acceptable* for men to treat women as second class citizens. But to submit them to a lifetime of abuse and slavery is down right wrong. (Okay soap box moment over). But Bali Rai and his book makes the point far more elequently than I can. An essential read.


Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Hooray for something different! Amy is frozen as cargo aboard a space ship with her parents to travel the 300 years to the “New Earth”. Something goes wrong (of course) and she is woken up early – but by who? The residents of the ship who are awake have been living, working, and dying for centuries and have survived a mysterious plague that nearly wiped out the population. But things aren’t like Amy’s Sol Earth and the combination of more attacks on her sleeping companions and the ‘breeding’ season brings things to a head. Who can she trust? The Leader (Eldest) or the Leader in training (Elder)?



Books I’ve read so far….




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