Reading Workshop for Parents

Last week I took part in delivering a Reading Workshop for Parents of Year 7, we combined it with information about the launch of our Comenius Project which is based around Fairy Tales and the oral tradition of storytelling.

Students taking part in this two year project will be working with other students from the UK, Germany and Slovakia, and this includes some trips abroad. The recent poll of students resulted in Cinderella being voted as the most popular Fairy Tale.

The workshop alowed me to talk to Parents about how they can support their child with their reading. I set the scene first by explaining the links between reading for pleasure, reading habit, reading ability and the links to successful outcomes in life (including exams). I then shared several suggestions of what they could do at home to encourage the reading habit and widen their childs reading range.

Initial feedback has been positive with one parent of an avid reader expressing his childs’ disbelief that some children didn’t own a single book. During my presentation and following on from the NLT data on book ownership, I did ask two students if they owned a book and one said Yes but one said No…. 

More work yet to be done…..


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