Carnegie Long List continued

I’m setting myself the challenge to read all of the books on the long list before the winner is announced. 52 titles in 6 months. That’s 2 a week….. I’d better get reading!

Since my last post I have read….

 “Matched” by Ally Condie

An interesting and thought provoking read, it did remind me of another book I read years ago and the name of that one escapes me. Unfortunately “Matched” is the first part of a series so I put it down unsatisfied and disappointed. On those grounds I hope it doesn’t make the short list.

“One Dog and His Boy” by Eva Ibbotson

I found this book to be both preachy and predictable. It is aimed at younger readers, although if you are a dog fan (and I’m not) then you’ll enjoy the dogs points of view.

“Blood Red Road” by Moira Young

This book just annoyed me. Firstly there are no speech marks so I had to stop reading every so often and work out if someone was talking or thinking and who it was – or wasn’t – and this stopped me from ‘getting into’ the book. The second annoying thing is the language used as in “I ain’t sen nutin’ yet” – which as a rule I ‘m fine with when it is used as someone is speaking – as it adds to characterisation. But this was used throughout the story – and not just in speech marks (since there weren’t any!- arrgghh!). The final nail in the coffin was it is the first part of a new series… so it didn’t end satisfactorily and I definitely don’t want anymore! So sad because at the heart of this there was a good story.

I’m currently reading “The Emerald Atlas” by John Stephens and I have a nasty suspicion that this to will turn out to be “Book one” of a series too!

Books I’ve read so far….


The Carnegie Medal is awarded annually to the writer of an outstanding book for children.

The long list has recently been published and the MRC is currently buying any books on the list that we don’t have already!

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