Able Writers Day Feedback


As part of the Literacy focus this year, looking at improving the writing abilities of students, Author Nicola Davies came in last week to deliver an all day Writers Workshop for our Gifted and Talented students in Year 8.


It was a great day here is a summary of the feedback from students…


Did you enjoy the Able Writers Day with Nicola Davies?

Yes I did. I thought it was a great experience.

I enjoyed the day with Nicola Davies.

Yes I enjoyed it a lot!

Yes it was very fun and interesting!

What did you learn?

I learnt that if you make a plan it’s more easier to do a piece of writing

I learnt how to do a quick plan if I am stuck; I also learnt how to write a good story.

I learnt how to get inspiration for writing

I learned how some words do not create images in people’s minds so you can’t use them in poems that have short lines.

I learnt that you can write a line of your story just by brainstorming a little!

I learnt a bit about Nicola Davies life and also good techniques for solving writers block.

How to brainstorm ideas better and how to write a story when given a base object.

How to write a short story other skills and about the author herself how she became an author

 What did you love?

Playing that quick 1 word game

I loved the part when we had to make up our own story that was fun.

I liked it when we had to describe the picture we had as the person

Hearing about her trips

I loved the fact that we did quite a lot of writing, and were creative for most of the day.

I loved it when we got to have a go at writing a piece of writing using the postcards

I loved the dolphin story!!!

The alone story writing.

Creating a poem

The time when we wrote the story at the end

 Did you hate anything?


No I did not hate anything.

I didn’t hate anything, but I didn’t really like the postcard bit as the postcard it got very difficult.

How she was going on about nature all of the time and wouldn’t let us do any fantasy stories


 Would you be interested in doing something similar?

Yeah sure

Yes, I would be interested to do something similar.



I would be interested in doing something similar again.

Yes I definitely would love to!

Yes, definitely!

Yes I would but it would be good if a fantasy writer could come in.





This was in conjunction with Authors Abroad

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