Results of Student Survey on Reading (2010-11)

During the end of the Academic Year all students had the opportunity to respond to the Reading Survey. We had 556 responses which is about 25% of the student population but many students, including the year 11, were away from the Academy on study leave etc.

Here are the highlights…

Do you like reading? Question 1

If NO – why is this? 
If not why not?


 What sorts of things do you like to read? 
How do you find out about the books you read?
Apart from the MRC where do you get your books from for reading for fun?
All this data and the comments that you made will be fed into future developments. For example some of you asked for more  leisure magazines like Fishing, and we intend to review our subscriptions and get more general interest mags. Watch out for ‘Magazine Mondays’.
There were mixed opinions about DEAR some of you hate it, some of you love it. Well this is a special focus this year and your tutors should be doing more interactive, fun activities with you alongside reading and discussing books.
If you want to come and complain, or even give praise, about the MRC please don’t wait for the survey – come and have a chat – we won’t bite your head off……Promise.

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