Design a new front cover

The deadline for the Design a new front cover competition is fast approaching (this Friday – 8th July).

Choose a book (your favourite story perhaps) book cover template.pdf

then get creative and design the cover you’d like to see!

Here’s some advice for Designing a Book Cover

Book covers really do matter. Readers look at the front cover and the back cover and then quickly make buying decisions. Reviewers can only review a few books each week, so must select book covers that appear to be the most interesting. Your book cover must survive “the glance test” for both reviewers and book buyers!

Use cover templates

To help you create artwork for your front and back book covers, use a  template.

Back cover treatment

Back covers are the best chance to sell the book. Adding testimonials, quotations or review “blurbs” help sell books — word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forces in marketing.

Designing spines

Spine images can be a little tricky, because the spine width is determined by the number of pages in your book.

Cover font sizes

Sans serif faces are typically used for book covers, while serif typefaces are used for body text for easy reading.

Make sure your cover type stands out sufficiently to be read. On average, a browser spends eight seconds looking at the front cover and 15 seconds looking at the back cover. Not much time to make a sale, particularly if your cover can’t be read or doesn’t stand out.

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